More about ‘cellada…(Christine)  

After performing with the Eastern Connecticut Symphony for 21 years I gave up my position to pursue my love of alternative styles of music; jazz, celtic, fiddle, folk, and most recently rock.  Here you will find some examples of the music of my past that shaped my cello playing and enriched my life in so many ways.  

Parillo/Harrington Duo  

Joe Parillo, jazz pianist and composer, and I began our collaboration in 1999.  He and I recorded  2 CD’s.  All the pieces are Joe’s original compositions.    

 “Sand Box” was released in 2001. This CD earned recognition from the Grammy Association which put “One Day in January” on the ballot for Grammy Nomination. Check it out here:   

Our 2nd CD, “Turn Around Back” was released in 2019 and can be heard here:  

Keep scrolling down for the Bohemian Quartet.  This quartet was comprised of violin, viola, cello, and bass.  All our music was arranged by violinist, Stan Renard, and is the music of the Roma people; basically Eastern European folk music.  The meters and rhythms are complex. The tempos often fast and furious. But, at the same time, the music is hauntingly beautiful.  

Bohemian Quartet  

You can use the link to visit the Bohemian Quartet website (here) where you will find all sorts of interesting things about us all.      

You can also find us on Facebook. 

Our first CD, “Beyond Tradition”, earned places on 3 Grammy ballots for Grammy Nomination. This recording is a compilation of tunes from 2 live concerts. Check it out here:   

More Bohemian Quartet CDs:  



For You” 


Celtic Fiddle Festival  

I also had the pleasure of joining Celtic Fiddlers, Johnny Cunningham, Kevin Burke, and Christian LeMaitre in the recording studio to add some cello tracks to their CD; "Rendezvous - Celtic Fiddle Festival"   

You can listen to some of this beautiful CD at the iTunes store- Search for: "Rendezvous Celtic Fiddle Festival".  

Or visit Amazon to purchase the CD.