Here's just a small sampling of some of my music from the past.....a little bit of everything!

The James Gang was roughly 1966-1968 and again from 1976-1978.  My last album with the James Gang - 1976


In '68, I joined up with Jim Bonfanti (later of the Raspberries), Denny Carleton, Randy Klawon and Ken Margolis in a band called The Choir.  A remastered recording of our demo songs from 1968 is available here.

Omnivore Records picked up our music and we were asked to come back and do a show in Cleveland.
We sold out two shows at the Beachland Ballroom in 2018 (yes, exactly 50 years later with the same players)and then came back to do another show in 2019 at the Music Box.  That live album is available here.
The caricature below of us at Beachland was done by Larry Weber.


One of my favorite groups, Featherstitch performed in the early 70's. We refused to play cover tunes and still typically played 20-25 gigs/mo! Very progressive for our day, the band consisted of myself, Mark Frasier, Hai Muradian (Still one of my best buddies), Scott Sheridan and Mike Delaney. We did a reunion CD 30 years later and here's one of our tunes. Check out the ending!


I put together a Christian singing group in NC in the early 2000's and we enjoyed 12 years of joy, laughter and blessings.  Unfortunately, I have removed most of our recordings from an online presence but many of my original tunes are still available on most streaming platforms. Here's a Youtube link to one of my tunes, Find the Lord, to give you an idea of what we did. The children singing the chorus are priceless! 

Neil Snider / Addie Nopanen / Charlanne Tippett / Phil Giallombardo


All of my original tunes from our 3rd CD ("Walkin In My Shoes") can be found on most any streaming service.
I must credit Charlanne Tippett here for some outstanding lyrics that inspired some of my melodies.
Wish I could include the cover tunes too but there's legal issues.  Anyway, here's a link to Pandora.


Again, all of my original tunes from our last CD ("Carry Me Away") can be heard online. Here's that link:
Charlanne was once again responsible for some great lyric ideas and also shot this cover pic of the River Jordan.


After I retired, Jocelyn encouraged me to play some classic rock again but I doubted I could find players in and around High Rock Lake. But then I found these guys in Winston-Salem on Craig's List of all places.
They were "looking for a keyboard player who could hang" and we ended up doing several shows in the area.

I found these clips on YouTube of us doing a few cover tunes in a small venue; Foreplay/Long Time by Boston and Never Been Any Reason by Head East. Not too bad for cell phone recordings. At least we were having fun!

Last but not least, here's my group, The Jump (I loved these guys). We were active in the late 70's. The band consisted of myself, Ron Beitle (RIP brother), previously the drummer for Wild Cherry (Play that Funky Music White Boy), Paul Christensen (who has always been there for me and is probably the only person in the world who has heard every band I was ever in), Tom Szell and Richard Shack. We wrote all of our tunes and 3 of my tunes were recorded at Phase One Studio in Toronto for this demo.  Dale Peters was our 6th man and served as our objective ears (If I never thanked you properly for your input, I should have).  In a classic case of bad timing, labels were still looking primarily for Disco at the time but we refused to compromise. But if you want to give a listen, check it out below. You'll have to hit the Fast Forward button to hear all 3 tunes. Great memories!